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In the hadith, it is narrated that before the Doomsday the Mahdi will definitely come to Earth to make Islamic moral values prevail. In addition to this, the years of 1400s (Hegira style) is an extraordinary period when, by Allah's will, great events will occur, such as the Mahdi's appearance, the Prophet 'Isa's (as) second coming, the appearance of the Dajjal and his defeat by the Prophet 'Isa (as), and people entering Allah's religion in droves. There are various times and terms mentioned in the hadith of our Prophet (saas) and explanations of Islamic Scholars.

1. The Mahdi will come in "Second Thousand"

Imam Rabbani states that the Mahdi will come 1,000 years after our Prophet's (saas) death, within second thousand (Hegira style). There are many statements of Imam Rabbani about the related subject:

The strengthening of the Qur'anic law, the renovation of people takes place in this SECOND THOUSAND. The just witnesses of the truthfulness of this cause are the existence of the Prophet 'Isa (as) and the MAHDI IN THIS THOUSAND. (Imam Rabbani, Letters of Rabbani, vol. 1, p. 611)

Those among the nation of Allah's Messenger (saas) are highly perfected in faith. It does not matter whether they are few in number after the passing of one thousand years of the Messenger of Allah's (saas) death. THE COMING OF THE MAHDI AFTER 1,000 YEARS SERVES THIS PURPOSE. Our Prophet (saas), the last Messenger, gave the glad tidings of his holy coming. The Prophet 'Isa (as), on the other hand, will come after 1,000 years. (Imam Rabbani, Letters of Rabbani, vol. 1, p. 440)

A thousand years after the death of our Prophet (saas), people will enter the second millennium. According to Imam Rabbani, quoted above, the Mahdi will come during that time. The Prophet 'Isa and the Mahdi did not come in this three hundred years of time from the beginning of the second millennium to the period we are living in. 

2. Allah sends a "Mujaddid" (Renovator of the Religion) Every Century

The Arabic word "mujaddid" means someone who "revives and renovates the religion." In his hadiths, our Prophet (saas) states that at the beginning of every century, Allah sends a "mujaddid," that is, someone who "revives and renovates the religion." to explain the facts of the religion according to the necessities of the time.

Allah will raise for this community at the end of EVERY HUNDRED YEARS THE ONE WHO WILL RENOVATE ITS RELIGION FOR IT. (Sunan Abu Dawud)

On this issue, the great Islamic scholar Imam Rabbani states the following:

AT THE HEAD OF EACH CENTURY, Allah SENDS A MUJADDID among the ulama of this community who revives the Shariah [the essence of Qur'anic moral values and the Sunnah of our Prophet (saas)]. (Imam Rabbani)

About the same subject, Bediuzzaman said:

"IN EVERY CENTURY, ALLAH SENDS A MUJADDID (SOMEONE WHO RENOVATES RELIGION." (Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, Risale-i Nur Collection, Barla Letters, 119)

Bediuzzaman states that the mujaddid of the 1200s was Mawlana Khalid. (Barla Letters, 120) In the fourteenth Islamic century, the Risale-i Nur (Bediuzzaman's collected works) served this purpose, as follows:

"Exactly after a century, the cures of the Risale-i Nur appear all around and serve to the very same purpose... With the meaning fortified by the clear expression of the hadith, it is our conviction that, in terms of reviving the religion, the Risale-i Nur is in the position of a mujaddid." (Barla Letters, 121)

Bediuzzaman gives the good news that the mujaddid of the 1400s (Hegira style) will be the Mahdi:
It now occurs to mind that if each of the letters "mim" and "lam" bearing the gemination mark are counted as two, the people WHO WILL DISSOLVE THE OPPRESSIONS A CENTURY LATER MAY BE THE DISCIPLES OF THE MAHDI." (Bediuzzaman, Risale-i Nur Collection, First Ray, p. 85)

As this explanation reveals, Bediuzzaman states that the cruelty found within the Islamic world can be removed only "one century later" by the Mahdi. He explained that during the years 1400s (Hegira style), the works of the Mahdi will save people from great trouble and make them attain deliverance.

3. Our Prophet (saas) Indicated That the Mahdi Will Come during the 1400s (Hegira Style)

In some of the hadith, the Prophet (saas) mentioned clearly that the Mahdi will appear during the 1400s. One of these hadiths is as follows:

People will gather around the Mahdi in 1400. (Risalat al-Khuruj al-Mahdi, p. 108)
Our Prophet (saas) reconfirms this by giving us the year 1400 (Hegira style) as the date of the Mahdi's advent is very close. (Allah knows the truth)

4. According to Bediuzzaman, the Mahdi Will Be on Duty during the 1400s (Hegira style)

In his explanations, Bediuzzaman pointed to the beginning of the 1400s (Hegira style) as the time of Mahdi's advent. In one of his explanations, Bediuzzaman relates that Mahdi will come 1,400 years after the Age of Happiness.

"Why did the Companions of the Prophet ...suppose a fact that would occur one thousand four hundred years later to be close to their century...(The Words, 'The Twenty-fourth Word: Third Branch)

As Bediuzzaman stated: "one thousand four hundred years later to be close to their century" is the beginning of the 1400s, that is, the years 1979-1980 (of the Gregorian calendar).

In his address to 10,000 people in a mosque in Damascus (Hegira 1327), Bediuzzaman explained the future of the Islamic world after Hegira 1371. In this address, he gave some dates about the End Times and called attention to the Mahdi's struggle. Bediuzzaman gives the following dates regarding Mahdi's taking up his task and defeating the disbelieving mentality intellectually:

The facts revealed in the address of Damascus that glance at the destiny of the Islamic world after the Hegira 1371... may be not now but 30-40 YEARS LATER, in order to fully equip science and, knowledge acquired through arts, science and skills, the goodness of civilization and those three forces, and to overcome the nine obstacles, he sent inclination for investigating the truth, moderation and love for human beings to the fronts of those nine foes. By Allah's Will, he will demolish them AFTER HALF A CENTURY. ("The Damascus Sermon," p. 25)

In this speech, Bediuzzaman draws attention to developments that will take place after Hijri 1371, and informs us that the Mahdi will launch his efforts 30-40 years after this date. This date is the period between Hegjra 1401-11 (Gregorian calendar: 1980-1990).

In the latter part of his speech, Bediuzzaman said that the Mahdi will silence the ideology of disbelief via the benefits of science and civilization. The date of this ideological superiority will be half a century later: Hegira 1421. (Gregorian calendar: 2001)

Another of his explanations related to the End Times is as follows:

"In [13]71, the Sun began to rise (al-Fajr as-Sadiq) or will rise. Even if this is only the initial redness in the horizon, in 30-40 YEARS THE SECOND ENLIGHTENMENT (AL-FAJR AL-KAZIB) WILL APPEAR." ("The Damascus Sermon," p. 23)

According to Bediuzzaman, the years when al-Fajr as-Sadiq will be:

1371 + 30 = 1401 = 1981
1371 + 40 = 1411 = 1991

Accordingly, he points to 1981-91 as the time when the Mahdi begins to disperse atheism and materialist philosophy, as well as the unjust ideologies that oppose the true religion. He also calls attention to 2001 as the year when these ideologies will be totally silenced and dispersed. (Allah knows the truth.)

Another quote of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi about the appearance of the Mahdi is as follows:

In this period there are such prevalent movements so that may THE EXPECTED PERSON WHO IS DUE TO COME AFTER A CENTURY emerge... (Kastamonu Letters, p. 57)

In this statement, the phrase "the expected person who is due to come after a century" means that the Mahdi had not come yet in his time, that he had been awaited by Muslims, and that he is due to come after a century of his own time. Bediuzzaman lived in the 1300s.  The century after his time is that the appearance of the Mahdi will be in the 1400s.



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