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Hazrat Ali describes the situation of those who mislead people, despite being perverse and having no knowledge

There are two kinds of people that Allah dislikes most among all His creations: the first are those who have ceased to walk on the true path, who have deviated from the true path and have become random, uncontrolled entities. THEY PRAISE THINGS INVENTED SUBSEQUENTLY AND WASTE TIME OVER THEM; THEY ALSO LEAD PEOPLE TOWARD PERVERSION AND DISTRACT THEM FROM THE TRUE PATH. They are mischief to those who follow them and become corrupted, they have become corrupted off the way of their predecessors. They incite those who follow them in life or after death. They also assume the crimes of others; they have also sunk among their own crimes. AND THE OTHER IS THOSE WHO HAVE COLLECTED IGNORANCE IN THEIR LOWER SELVES; THEY INCITE THE IGNORANT ONES. They have dived into the darkness of corruption that enfolds all places; THEY ARE EXTREMELY BLIND WHEN IT COMES TO RECONCILIATION. THE ONES WHO DO NOT KNOW CALL THEM SCHOLARS. BUT IN FACT THEY HAVE NO KNOWLEDGE OF ANY KIND. They pass the night until morning and have collected together the majority of things which are auspicious when they are few. They then extend their stomachs with foul, dirty water; they collect foul things and bring them together and imagine they are treasure. THEY ASSUME THE TASK OF FREEING DOUBTFUL THINGS FROM PEOPLE EXCLUDING THEMSELVES AND SETTLE TO ISSUE RULINGS. IF ASKED ABOUT UNKNOWN THINGS, THEY START SPEAKING SENSELESS AND MEANINGLESS WORDS;they issue definitive pronouncements; the fact is that they have doubts and look alike mosquito trapped into spider web. They themselves do not know if their pronouncements are true or false, if their pronouncements are right, they are afraid they don’t happen to be false and if they pronouncements are false, they hope they are true.

They are ignorant, and they stumble among the darkness of ignorance and walk by; and they ride on blind camels.THEY HAVE NEVER COME UPON KNOWLEDGE. THEY HAVE NEVER HAD KNOWLEDGE, THEY HAVE NEVER CONSUMED KNOWLEDGE. THEY TELL STORIES UTTERING WORDS AS IF EATING DRY GRASS ON THE PLAINS. Thanks be to Allah that, as they have no power to pronounce on things asked of them, so they are not knowledgeable of the things asked of them. They imagine that other people are also ignorant of and deny the things that they deny. They believe there is no alternative to their own paths and pronouncements and that other people will not hold different opinions to their own. WHEN SOMETHING THAT SEEMS DARK TO THEM HAPPENS, THEY SEEK TO COVER THEMSELVES WITH IT; THEY DO NOT WANT OTHERS TO KNOW WHAT THEY DO NOT KNOW. They weep blood and cry out because of the torment in their pronouncements. I complain to Allah of those who live in ignorance and die in perversion. There is nothing less precious than books on the sight of those people, if read justly;but if words are taken out of context and meanings are altered, there is nothing more precious and profitable. In their opinion, nothing can be worse than what is good, and nothing is better than what is evil.

(Nahj al-Balaghah, part 4)


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